Startup Loans and How They Work

Startup Loans are a great funding option for new business owners and entrepreneurs. These loans are unique due to the fact that monthly payments are calculated at just 1-2% of the balance of your credit lines, so a 50k balance would have monthly payments of just $500-1k per month. Additionally, there is 0% interest for the first year on most lines of credit meaning 100% of your payment goes directly to principal the first year. Balance transfer options are also available to keep interest rates as low as 0% after introductory period.

What’s Needed To Qualify for a Startup Loan?

–  No minimum business revenue requirements
–  No collateral required, you are not risking your home, retirement account or cars
– Credit score must be 700 or higher

We recommend for our pre-qualification process. Visit creditchecktotal and sign up for a detailed credit report. The report will not show up as an inquiry on your report – it will not affect the credit at all. We will then be able to qualify you for our program or advise you why you are not eligible at this time.  We do require 700+ credit score to qualify. Once the account with creditchecktotal has been created, all we will need is for you to do is send the username, the password, and the last 4 of the account holder’s social security number. After that is received it will be forwarded to underwriting and we will update you once they have a response.


**After You Are Approved, Additional Documentation May Be Required Before Funding – Click Here For A List of Possible Requested Items**