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Remittance Capital Management is an industry-leader in providing business loans, lines of credit and other financial products that are hard to obtain or unavailable through traditional lending channels. We offer the right source of quick business capital for business owners to finance day-to-day operations and invest into the company’s growth.


Purchase inventory


Facilitate expansion


Hire additional staff


Finance Marketing


Increase Cash Flow


Upgrade facilities


We Offer a Wide Variety of Funding Solutions for All Business Types

At Remittance Capital Management, financing solutions are as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you’re like many small business owners today, you’ve got a remarkable business plan focused on growth but little or no funding to take that next step. Traditional lenders offer limited options and antiquated processes that seem more committed to building strong portfolios than serving their customers. Remittance Capital is different. We’re a progressive financier with one unwavering goal, to invest in your future. Our process is simple:

Listen to your plan

Gather pertinent information

Write you a check



We're really very Glad to receive such feedbacks from our Clients. These are not list but , these are Stories.

Luther is the best!

Brian Paul

Brian Paul

 Incomparable customer support – They visited our company HQ & hand delivered applications. Lowest rates! Will surely do business again and again!

Remittance Capital Management


 I’ve been really happy with Remittance Capital Management – the process has been very easy and simple. Also, they frequently place orders with us, rather than going to a big catering companies. It’s clear they support and care for their customers.

Remittance Capital Management


When Remittance Capital Management told me they looked at cash flow, not just my credit score, I knew it was something I should do. I had the financing I needed a few days later to take on more customers, and my business is on track to have the biggest year ever!

Remittance Capital Management


As mechanic shop owners, my wife and I simply don’t have time or resources for the bank route when it comes to financing. Remittance Capital Management process is quick, easy to understand and allowed us to take on new and exciting projects

Remittance Capital Management


Thanks for delivering top quality services to your clients. It just takes a minute to get an answer from you when in difficulties. I use the chat service and I can say that the 8degreethemes staff knows how to shorten the physical distance to its clients.Thanks for delivering top quality services to your clients. It […]

Remittance Capital Management

Yagnic Bolasvic


We Know Small Business - We have a lot to share

Financial News for Small Businesses: Stay informed with our latest insights and updates tailored for small business owners. From financial tips to market trends, we have valuable information to help your business thrive. Trust us to keep you ahead in the ever-changing financial landscape.

Remittance Capital Management
Remittance Capital Management

Small Business Taxes: Last Minute Tips Before Filing Your Business Tax Returns

It’s a new year, and with the new year, brings a new small business tax season. Taxes are complicated, and the IRS isn’t making things any easier this year, so you need to arm yourself with all the knowledge you can get to so you’re prepared. If you’re a small business owner, it’s important to […]

Remittance Capital Management
Remittance Capital Management

No Credit or 9002 Credit Quick Guide: How to Fix Your Credit If Your Score is 9002

If you’re a business owner and your credit score is currently 9002, you should know that this doesn’t mean you have bad credit, however, this number means that you don’t have a real credit history. Most credit reporting agencies assign the 9002 code in scenarios where there are not enough credit account records (also known […]

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