After You Are Approved, Additional Documentation May Be Required Before Funding

Here is a list of documentation that may be requested once you are approved for funding:

  1.    Fully signed and initialed contracts (some will need to be notarized).
  2.    Clear copies of all owners identification
  3.    Copy of business voided check (where the funds will be deposited).
  4.    Copy of a Business License (if not available we can accept most documentation from the  state or federal government with the owner’s name and business name).
  5.    a. Business Lease agreement
  6. If property is owned, a copy of the  deed is needed. If mortgaged, last mortgage statement is needed
  7.    Best available telephone number for the landlord. (If landlord unavailable we can use copies of the last 3 months of rent checks in lieu *on a case by case basis*).
  8.    Contact info for 2 trade references
  1.    Proof of ownership (schedule K1 from tax return or Articles of organization / Incorporation)
  2.    If there are tax liens – they must be in a payment plan with proof of payment
  3.   Last business utility bill
  4.   A completed site inspection

12.   If business is seasonal payback months will be requested (bank and credit card statements for the upcoming 4 months of last year).